Bali Temple



7 nights at Michael Franti's resort outside of Ubud's Monkey Forest

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Costa Rica Beach



7 nights in a green retreat sanctuary in the Nicoya Blue Zone

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Moondance Sedona



3 nights of transformation in the stunning Red Rocks of Sedona.

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Nathan K.

NeuIntention Health & Wellness

After this retreat, I found myself more connected with my higher self,

I felt more aligned with my vision, and I felt closer in my relationships.

I built friendships that are going to last for a lifetime.

The retreat was highly organized and well-panned!


Danielle M.

Yoga Teacher

I'm still living on cloud 9... from the Synchronicity in Sedona retreat! I can't even really put into words exactly how much Kevin's retreat meant to me and how much it has affected me on so many levels, but I'll try for those that weren't able to attend.

Kevin's ability to bring together people from all walks of life for ONE purpose or intention is unmatched by anyone, anywhere. The hikes were well thought out and each served their own purpose. The food was amazing and cooking together as a group really helped form a FAMILY bond. Our end of day discussions were something I ALWAYS looked forward to and his ability to INCLUDE each and every person in the conversations was very nice to witness. Overall there's really nothing I would change... and EVERYTHING to celebrate about my experience at the retreat! I hope to see u on many more of these thoughtFULLY planned retreats! Thank you my friend for creating such a beautyFULL community!


Debbie P.

Yoga Instructor

As a teacher, I have a lens in which I view classes and teachers and with that it is sometimes unfair to the instructor and to my experience. Not overly critical, just hyper aware. While I am practicing I am conscious of how I show up in the class rather than just being.


Kevin and Synchronicity Yoga have a unique energy that they create within the groups they assemble and the programming provided. There is an acceptance and a calm that allows for vulnerability and ease of practice and growth. The recent retreat in Sedona is an example of creating a safe space designed for sharing and growth. I was blown away by the experience and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to enhance their practice or learn what yoga really is from the ground up. Top notch the whole way!


Neil S.

Managing Director

Kevin Wathey’s retreat was perfection! It challenged me, broadened my horizons and made me a better person. That’s a lot to accomplish in a few days, but it was made possible by the excellent way in which Kevin put the retreat together: there were so many activities to refresh both mind and body. Kevin is an excellent teacher. He is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and caring. He took a lot of time to understand each attendee and ensure that they got what they needed out of the retreat. He has a real talent for what he does and shares it openly and in a gentle and compassionate way. 



Maria T.


My time spent with Synchronicity Yoga in Sedona was truly an exceptional experience. This was my first yoga retreat and to be honest I didn't really know what to expect going into it. I kept asking myself "Are people going to think I'm too young"  "Do I have enough experience in the practice" or "Am I going to fit in with everyone going". The moment I walked in and met everyone, all of those thoughts and nerves vanished. Kevin's ability to bring people of different backgrounds together was a beautiful thing to experience. He created a place where we all felt safe to allow ourselves to be vulnerable and open up. Personally, I have always struggled with getting out of my "comfort" zone. He inspired every single one of us to challenge and to believe in ourselves, which not only says a lot about him as a person but as a teacher as well. 


The retreat featured various different types of yoga and guided mediations to multiple breathtaking excursions. Everything was well thought out with each class/excursion serving a different purpose. This experience has truly been one of the greatest impacts in my life. I highly encourage everyone to attend a Synchronicity Yoga retreat. I promise you, it will change your life! 





Scottsdale, Arizona | Admin@Synchronicity.Yoga




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